Other fish and crab

Besides the aforementioned species, which are interesting for anglers, our rivers are inhabited by the following species of smaller fish, which are not suitable for fishing, but are nevertheless important for the river ecosystems:

Mrenic – Barbus meridionalis caninus;
Blageon – Leuciscus souffia muticellus;
Whitefish – Alburnus a. alborella;
Minnow – Phoxinus phoxinus phoxinus;
River Bull-head – Cottus gobio.

More rarely seen, but nevertheless present, are the following species:

Linj – Tinca tinca
Adriatic roach – Rutilus rubilio aula
Rudd – Scardinius erythrophthalmus erythrophthalmus

We must also mention the crayfish which are found in our sector. In the Soča and its tributaries we find following species of crayfish: Austropotamobius italicus or Austropotamobius pallipes fulcisianus as well as Austropotamobius torrentium. The latter is present in the Idrijca and Bača, as well as their tributaries.