Chub – Leuciscus cephalus cabeda

It is a endemic member of the carp family, typical of the Adriatic river systems. It is similar to the chub from the Danube and its tributaries, which is why it was long called by the same name. Its body is long and round, covered in large scales. It lives in schools.

It inhabits the Soča from Kobarid down, the Nadiža, the mouth of the Tolminka, the Idrijca, the mouth of the Trebuščica and Bača. It is very numerous in the accumulation lake by Most na Soči.

It feeds on bottom-dwelling organisms, aquatic insects and plants, water-borne fruits as well as other fish in the case of the larger ones.

In our waters it spawns in May and June.

It grows to 70cm in length and 5kg in weight.